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Black Cumin Oil

Black cumin grows in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Morocco, Asia and the Arava Peninsula.

• The black comb acts on the immune system as a general potentiator. Promotes energy activation, helps with rapid fatigue and chronic fatigue. Stimulates the activity of the thymus that is responsible for the body's overall defenses.

• Black cumin oil promotes normalization of arterial pressure. Helps with insomnia, headache and nervous system problems. Effective in the treatment of blood vessels, especially sclerosis of the blood vessels of the brain.

• Anti-allergen, therefore, helps in the treatment of various allergic diseases of the skin - eczema, allergic inflammation associated with histamine disorders.

 • Essential oils in the composition have a pronounced bactericidal and antiseptic effect. It is an effective anti-fungal (Candida albicans) and antiviral agent: prevents itching, regenerates inflamed skin areas. Helps get rid of rash and acne.

• Black cumin oil - a very good remedy for pregnancy stretches. The skin is nourished, moisturized, saturated with vitamins, improves substance metabolism, prevents inflammation and protects the skin from moisture loss. Oil improves blood circulation and facial skin color.

• This oil is recommended to prevent hair loss and when it becomes greasy. The early stages of hair loss are particularly effective with olive oil and lavender oil. Also used to restore hair color.

• Black cumin oil is also used as an effective urine and bile engine (if bile is not excreted) and as a mild laxative. Stimulates stones in the kidneys and in the bladder and promotes the eradication of cramps.

• Prevents obesity, decreases weight, lowers blood pressure and prevents vascular spasms, significantly reduces cholesterol.

• Studies conducted by a group of scientists in Cairo showed that black cumin oil reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

• Effective oil for upper respiratory diseases (dry cough, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, haimoritis, sinusitis, tonsillitis). Uses Oral: Nigellas oil is recommended for strengthening the body's immunity and circulatory system. Improves the condition in cases of inflammation and allergies. Use in the morning and evening for 1 teaspoon 15 minutes before eating. Dosage in children less than half as in adults. Drink half a glass of water to which you can add a spoon of honey. Use with honey or natural juice enhances the healing properties of Black Cumin oil. For the prevention of high and low blood pressure: Mix 100 ml of lemon juice, 100 ml of honey, 199 ml of black cumin oil. Use in the morning and evening with a tablespoon of fasting food. For prevention of urinary tract diseases: Boil a glass of tea for the kidneys, add a spoon of black cumin oil, a tablespoon of honey. Use a course of 2-3 glasses a day. For upper respiratory tract inflammation: used for inhalation. Add spoonfuls of boiling water to boiling water. The head is covered with a towel, deep and intense breath for 5-7 minutes. Inhalation is done every day in the evening before going to bed.

Black Cumin - Oriental Plant used as a means of treating a wide range of diseases. The roots of the history of healing properties of black cumin oil go back deep in ancient times. Egyptian Queen Nofretet knew of its amazing effect on the skin and used this oil to preserve beauty and youth. The well-known archaeologist Lord Carter has found unfamiliar black oil in the tombs of Pharaoh Tutankhamon. Later it became clear that it was “black cumin oil” or “nigella. This finding shows that in ancient Egypt he knew the Black Cumin and used it already 3 thousand BC. This finding among the royal burial objects shows that this oil was very important in that period. Nigella sativa has more than a dozen names. Kalondji (Hebrew) - Hindu, habbat al baraka - literally "holy seed" - from Arabic, and still blooming fennel (fennel flower), black sesame. In America it is called chernushka.

The Russian emigrants may have entered this name there. But that's not all. Of course, these many names cause confusion and cause some confusion. Nigella does not have any botanical relationship with the sesame (juniper), fennel, or caraway, and even less with onions. The most common name for Black Cumin is that the leaves have a shape (fine, cut, split) and the color of the seeds is similar to fenhelim. For Nigella they are small, black, with a sharp taste. The seeds are a very popular spice in the eastern countries, but also in the Arabic country as a remedy for which the Qur'an says: "Black cumin can heal from all diseases and not only be able to prevent death." If Nigel is given a rather modest place in the medicine of the peoples of Europe - it is used as a stomach and bile engine, then in the East Nigellas oil and seeds are used for almost all diseases.