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The Norwegians have managed to create a miraculously successful symbiosis between man and nature.Nordic Choice,Outside the cities of their country stretched almost untouched forests and unspoiled shores of picturesque fjords, where there was almost no human presence.Nordic Choice,How did they do that? Authoritative state policy, multiplied by psychology, works wonders. As a result, Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. However, there are enough quirks here, and how.Nordic Choice

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1.Nordic Choice,90% of Norwegian fathers take 12 weeks off to take care of their newborn. Women can also use it, but only for 11 weeks.Nordic Choice

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2.Nordic Choice,The country takes care of its citizens, even if they have broken the law. Prisons in Norway are not concrete basements with which we are familiar, but comfortable apartments with all conditions. Particularly dangerous criminals live in a prison on the island of Bastoy:

cozy bungalows, walks against the backdrop of picturesque mountains and bays, working in the fresh air. The authorities plan to build several such prisons and provide a "free life" in them.Nordic Choice

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3.Nordic Choice,Despite strict environmental regulations, whaling is not banned in Norway. There, animals continue to be legally killed, while in most countries this barbarism has been abolished.Nordic Choice

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4.Nordic Choice,If a Norwegian volunteered to help with public services, such as putting out fires or saving lives, the authorities would reward him with a few thousand crowns. And if people lose power due to a problem on the line, the power companies will compensate each household.