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Having a delicate lemon scent, this perennial plant belongs to the mint family and is native to parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Lemon balm grows in clumps up to nearly 60 inches in height. Herbalists have prized lemon balm for its calming effect and potential to promote restful sleep the healthy, natural way.

Although adaptogens have been used for centuries in China and India, they’re enjoying a huge resurgence right now and for good reason: They help combat the harmful effects of stress and bring your body back into harmony – something we all need in today’s 24/7 world!

Lemon Balm Liquid Extract

Having a delicate lemon scent, this perennial plant belongs to the mint family and is native to parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Lemon balm grows in clumps up to nearly 60 inches in height. Herbalists have prized lemon balm for its calming effect and potential to promote restful sleep the healthy, natural way.

Did you know Lemon Balm standardized extract is a key ingredient in our exclusive Restal capsules? This popular blend  also delivers four more traditional relaxation herbs: hops extract, kava kava extract, melatonin and valerian root extract...all to help you relax and get the rest you need! Bay here!

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If an erection is weakened ... What to do when potency decreases?

Erection problems are familiar to many men, especially those who have crossed the 40-year mark. What are the causes of a weak erection and what can be done about it?

Weak erection: norm or pathology? Decreased erectile function can manifest itself in different ways. This definition also includes an erection insufficient for sexual intercourse, and the inability to maintain a stable erection to complete it, and the complete absence of an erection, as well as a decrease in libido. Tray Zytax Potency pills for beter erection.

From time to time, almost everyone is faced with a weak erection problem. Fatigue, anxiety, illness, quarrels with a partner do not contribute to the "mood". There is nothing strange in the fact that a hefty dose of alcohol interferes with the process. But weakening of an erection as a systemic problem can be said if, out of four attempts to enter into a relationship, one fails. It is impossible to ignore a weak erection, and the matter is not only in the psychological side of the issue. Sometimes a weakening of an erection is the first sign of serious diseases that are better to identify and begin to treat at an early stage.

Why men have problems with erection?

All the reasons due to which an erection weakens can be very conditionally divided into two groups - psychological and physiological. If we compare a person with a computer, then the former means a malfunction in the software, and the latter - in the hardware.

Psychological reasons include:

Stress (of any origin: due to work, conflict, uncertainty or fear of the future).

Chronic fatigue caused by hard work.

The so-called syndrome of expectation of failure, when, faced with a weak erection once, a man begins to panic fear of a repetition of failure and thereby exacerbates the problem.

Neurosis, depression, subdepressive state. These reasons are bordered by physiological ones, since depression is not always caused by psychological reasons, and various disorders in the central nervous system or endocrine system can lead to it.

The physiological causes of poor erections include:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Disorders in the work of the spinal cord and brain.


Hormonal imbalance (primarily thyroid disease).

Side effects of certain drugs, mainly drugs for lowering blood pressure, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants and hormones, as well as steroids.

Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle - addiction to alcohol, smoking and even more so drugs, being overweight due to malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle that leads to circulatory disorders.

Diseases of the prostate gland.

What to do if the erection is weakened?

According to medical statistics, problems with an erection “get younger” from year to year. Today, approximately 10% of young men occasionally experience a weak erection, and after 40 years, every second complains about this trouble. However, only 20% go to doctors and begin treatment. The majority prefers to "cope" with the problem on their own - to get nervous and tear off irritation on the partner, to "fill in" unpleasant thoughts and suspicions with alcohol, to look for "folk" remedies (which for the most part are either ineffective or dangerous) or even pretend that there is no problem not.

If you have problems with an erection, the first step to solving them is not to look for advice on the Internet, but to make an appointment with a urologist or andrologist. As already mentioned, a weak erection is a symptom of many dangerous diseases, from diabetes to cancer. The doctor will conduct the necessary examination - the choice of diagnostic method depends on the general condition of the patient, complaints, anamnesis - and will identify the cause of a weak erection. Perhaps, in addition to the therapy itself, the specialist will advise you to reconsider your lifestyle - start moving more, change your diet, and give up bad habits. Despite all its banality, these are very practical tips, and just following them can significantly improve the patient's condition.

There are specific methods to improve an erection, which can only be used after consulting a doctor.

Emergency measures

These include all pills for "male power" based on sildenafil or tadalafil. As a rule, such drugs improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs, increase pressure and make an erection possible. You should know that these drugs do not treat an erection, but only mask the problem for several hours - as soon as the action of the pill is over, the problems will return. Many patients note that resistance to these tablets develops over time - that is, over time, the dose has to be increased in order to get the effect. Drugs to enhance potency have an impressive list of contraindications, they can be especially dangerous for hypertensive patients, and they also have side effects. You can not take them without consulting a doctor.

Traditional Medicine Tips

We trust in folk remedies is traditionally very high. Some recipes are really not meaningless - the herbs that are used in traditional medicine contain useful substances. But it is difficult for a layman to distinguish an effective recipe from an absolutely ineffective herbal collection. In addition, some methods can be dangerous.

Folk remedies for male strength include decoctions and infusions of ginseng, lemongrass, thyme, hawthorn flowers, extracts from ginkgo biloba and yohimbe, as well as some other herbal preparations. Some herbs improve blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system, others contain high doses of zinc, necessary for men's health. They should not be considered as the basis of treatment - nevertheless, herbal decoctions are inferior in effectiveness to modern medicines, they are not without side effects (although it is considered that any natural remedies are absolutely harmless), can cause allergies and give an undesirable reaction in combination with medicines. Consult a doctor and if he does not find any contraindications, take them as adjunctive therapy.

When resorting to folk remedies, do not engage in amateur activity - buy them at a pharmacy where all products are certified. Asian "miracle pills", which some "entrepreneurs" bring from China and Thailand, are pure quackery. No one knows what they are made of, and to date, there have been many cases of severe poisoning with such pills.

Official medicine approaches

This is the most reliable group of methods, which includes several tools. First of all, these are medicines - drugs that improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in case dysfunction is caused by psychological reasons - sedatives. The choice of drugs depends on the cause of the problem, and the doctor will treat the underlying disease. Physical education is also an effective way to improve an erection.

Physical activity normalizes the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, increases the level of endorphins - substances responsible for the feeling of joy, helps to reduce weight.

Prostate massage is also an effective method of treating a weak erection, if the problem is precisely in this organ. Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland are a very common problem, and prostate massage helps eliminate them.

To temporarily solve the problem, you can apply vacuum-constrictor therapy , that is, a method of maintaining an erection using a vacuum cylinder. The cylinder is put on the penis, after which air is pumped out of the device. Vacuum dramatically improves the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa. After achieving an erection, an elastic ring is put on the base of the penis, which prevents the outflow of blood. It is important to remember that the ring should not be worn for more than half an hour so that blood does not stagnate.

In recent years , shock wave therapy has been used to treat low potency . Do not be afraid of the name - this is a completely painless non-surgical method in which sound waves of a certain length act on the tissues. As a result, the scar tissue that has arisen due to impaired blood flow is absorbed, as well as the natural mechanisms of vascular restoration. After a course of treatment, the blood supply to the penis improves, the tissues become denser, and the erection is persistent.

Surgery is a last resort, but in some cases this is the only way to restore potency. The operation is performed to restore damaged arteries, to block veins through which blood is removed from the penis, or for falloprosthetics.

Prevention of erection problems

Weakening of an erection over the years can be completely avoided if you follow simple rules.

Healthy eating.

Excess weight is an extra load on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, overweight people suffer from weak erections more often than slender ones. Include foods rich in zinc and vitamin E in the diet, they are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Quitting smoking and drinking.

Smoking has a detrimental effect on blood vessels, and it doesn't matter if you smoke cigarettes or a pipe. A lot has already been said about the dangers of alcohol. However, a glass of good red wine will not hurt, on the contrary, experts have already shown that in moderate quantities red wine has a beneficial effect on the body. But the key word here is moderation. And this means that one glass will have to be limited.

Good dream.

Constant lack of sleep - this scourge of residents of large cities, it affects not only potency, but also leads to chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders, depression, heart disease and neurosis.

Lack of stress.

It is almost impossible to avoid them, but you can learn to react to everyday troubles more calmly. Psychotherapy, yoga and meditation classes will help here. The rejection of stimulants such as coffee and energy, especially in the afternoon, as well as an established regimen will also help reduce nervousness.

Health care.

Do not neglect regular visits to the urologist, even if there are no problems. Visit him at least once a year, do not forget to take an STD test, dress according to the weather and always use condoms - many infections also lead to erection problems.

Preventing erection problems is much easier than treating them. The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, weak potency is treatable. 95% of men who turned to the doctor on time return the joy of a full sexual life after undergoing treatment.


A route to nature lovers for active recreation in the most magnificent Alps in Europe, which agrees that only mountains can be more beautiful than mountains! Bus by bus. Landscape resort of Bled emerald lake, surrounded by the picturesque Slovenian Alps. Day in Triglav National Park at Bohin Lake: walking in the mountains overlooking Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia's Julia Alps. Day in Carinthia Alpine Dobratsch Nature Park in Austria.

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Goulash Soup

Particularly good soup for the cold season of the year, warming and cuddling. People with reading goulash have a special relationship with them. There was a wonderful copy of the Hungarian family of emigrant families who followed their employers across the ocean, picking up some family gems.

And for the cooks and the dishes he cooked, this family was greatly envied by all the friends of the emigrants who were often asked for in the party, and after that they received bowls with the Szeged goulash in the village bribes.

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Another reason why there is no appetite hiding in the climate and weather. Probably many people will have noticed that on a hot summer day their appetite is much smaller than in autumn or winter.
This is because food is part of the human thermoregulatory system and in the cold winter we usually try to absorb more calories to turn them into heat. But in hot weather, no extra heat is needed and the need for food decreases.
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The Flat Belly Fix - Electronic Downloads and Bonuses


We, the inhabitants of the lowlands, may think that God's smoothly planned is corrupted. The Kalnians, including the Scandinavians, are absolutely sure that the earth is created as they see it. Rough, rough, with high peaks and deep valleys. Powerful and disobedient, stronger than human strength. The earth on the edge of the world, which at the top of every one cannot watch, can not descend, full of supernatural powers, beings and creatures.

Something is already there - big, mighty and dangerous; something is already happening there - gazes, braces, moves, changes. There are snow avalanches, ice crashes, wild water masses. In the evening, you go quietly to sleep at the foot of a hill, but at night the whirlwind breaks out, breaks Torso lightning, heaven opens, and huge waterblocks go over - destroying, breaking, destroying. There the heavenly king is fighting with the fallen. Scandinavian version - Odin with trolls war. Good with evil. And this fight is eternal - to Ragnarjok himself. Until what is called the goddess of gods, the age of the ax, sword, wind or wolf. When everything is destroyed, Ragnarjoks will join. Then the brother will fight with his brother, the son will kill his father, the mother will cut off his own children. When all laws and norms end. Land sinks into the sea. The sun will turn black, its bright rays will burn the earth. Flaming even the sea and the sky …

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GH Balance bodybulding


GH Balance supports a building material responsible for building the majority of body tissues. The product accelerates the amino acids transport and protein synthesis. It also boosts metabolism, therefore burns fat effectively.

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Male enhancement

Male enhancement

Zytax is a dietary supplement in the form of pills which guarantees intense sexual tension, ease of getting long and strong erection and full orgasms.

It's recommended to take one pill of Zytax one hour before having sex. Next, throughout 120 minutes both power and pleasure are at the highest possible point. Zytax improves sexual life greatly. What's more, it gives pure sensation. Only natural ingredients of the supplement cause no side-effects.

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Bodybuilding: how to organize training

How to organize bodybuilding training sessions if you want to gain weight: training programs, basic principles and videos. How to organize training for training, if you want to gain weight: training programs, basic principles and video - in Youtube.

The basic principle of bodybuilding weight training an tray GH Balance

Squat, relax, eat - it’s in these three words that it is possible to lay down the main principle of bodybuilding training for weight. It means that the core of the training will be basic exercises, nutrition should be plentiful, and you should go to the gym no more than 3-4 times to give the muscles time to recover and grow.

Bodybuilding exercises

Basic (or multi-joint) exercises are exercises where several muscle groups are involved and several joints work. Squats, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, pulling the barbell in a slope, push-ups on the bars - these are all basic exercises.

As a rule, they are the most difficult to perform. But they are the most effective tool for gaining muscle mass. The base is the platform on which the program of training for mass in bodybuilding is built. Isolation exercises are those that work out only one muscle (and involve one joint. In weight training, they are secondary and act only as an addition to the lagging muscles. Read more

Green coffee: benefits and harms

At present, there is so much talk about green coffee that one involuntarily wonders: what is the difference between green coffee and black coffee? Is it really so useful?for us and is it worth believing the information that it contributes to weight loss? Let's get it right.

First, a little history

It is known that the culture of cultivating coffee itself has been more than 800 years old. There are many legends associated with the discovery of coffee, but we will focus on some interesting facts about this product.

In World, coffee appeared under Michel Dorn and acted as a panacea for many ailments, including migraine. However, the custom of drinking a coffee drink is associated with the name of Peter I. According to the claims of historians, he forcibly forced his friends to drink the “bitter swill”.

However, originally coffee in the wild grew in Ethiopia. When coffee berries were found, they were used as a tonic exclusively in raw form. A little later, in Yemen, the so-called "white Yemeni coffee" began to be prepared from ripe dried fruit pulp. And only in the XII century they began to prepare a drink from raw beans (in our opinion, green coffee is obtained), and even centuries later they began to dry, roast and grind them, and pour the powder with hot water, adding spices (mainly ginger and cinnamon) or milk .

Green coffee and its characteristics

Green coffee is coffee that has not been subjected to heat treatment, i.e. his beans were not roasted (as for the usual black coffee) and remained a dull olive color. These grains with the help of special processing are extracted from the sweet pulp of the fruits (berries) of the coffee tree. Read more

GREEN COFFEE Plus is a revolutionary formulation to shed additional kilos. It's created for all those who wish to lose weight once and for all - easily, quickly and effectively.


GREEN COFFEE Plus is a revolutionary formulation to shed additional kilos. It's created for all those who wish to lose weight once and for all - easily, quickly and effectively.
Green coffee beans extract, for years known for its weight loss properties, is not only a safe, but also reliable and trustworthy way to regulate body weight. Green coffee supports the digestive and circulatory systems to work properly, rejuvenates and cleanses the body of toxins. No wonder it beats popularity records all over the world.
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