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Having a delicate lemon scent, this perennial plant belongs to the mint family and is native to parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Lemon balm grows in clumps up to nearly 60 inches in height. Herbalists have prized lemon balm for its calming effect and potential to promote restful sleep the healthy, natural way.

Although adaptogens have been used for centuries in China and India, they’re enjoying a huge resurgence right now and for good reason: They help combat the harmful effects of stress and bring your body back into harmony – something we all need in today’s 24/7 world!

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Hazelnut Oil is Healthy The composition of hazelnut oil up to 77% is made up of monounsaturated (Omega 9) fatty acids, so it can be compared to olive oil in terms of composition. In addition, hazelnut oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids: an average of 13% linoleic acid (Omega 6) and 1% alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3).

Fatty acids contained in hazelnut oil can help to take care of cardiovascular health as well as healthy cholesterol levels and strong immunity. In addition, polyunsaturated fatty acids - linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid are vital for the body's metabolism and are part of the body's cellular structure.

Cold-pressed hazelnut oil is golden yellow with a fresh and delicate aroma of nut and saturated hazelnut flavor. As many cold-pressed oils, the hazelnut oil composition allows it to be used for medium-hot cooking - stewing or baking. However, the best way to taste this oil is to cook the already prepared dishes. Especially it will suit salads and will taste good, mixed with high quality vinegar. At pasta, potatoes or beans, this oil will be a great substitute for butter. Prepared vegetables can be enriched with hazelnut oil before putting them on the table. For those who love to bake cakes, cakes, cakes, biscuits and other sweet snacks, hazelnut oil will be an aromatic and valuable ingredient in making these treats. Hazelnut oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and contains other biologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, etc.

For therapeutic purposes, it is preferable to use the oil because it attracts unwanted cholesterol and promotes its removal from the body, promotes abdominal excretion, enhances bile secretion, improves memory. Hazelnut oil is best stored in the refrigerator.