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Chees cake

Cheese cake recipe in America came with European immigrants. However, the crèmeer, as we know it today, has actually been an unfortunate (in this case, very successful) American effort to imitate the French soft cheese "neufchatel". So, in 1872, a New York dairy farmer created a cream cheese, which was later found on the shelves of shops called Philadelphia cheese, explains Whatscookingamerica.

At the turn of the 9th and 20th centuries, New Yorkers had fallen in love with a simple dessert, and every canteen and fine restaurant had their own recipe. However, the father of the classic New York cheesecake is the German immigrant Arnold Rüben, who at a party in the house has enjoyed a cake of cheeses and has requested a recipe from the hostess. He then curled it up and started serving in his restaurant in New York "Reuben's Restaurant".

However, the historical facts are controversial and the New Yorkers themselves call the best-selling New York cheese cake presented in the Lindy's restaurant in the thirties and forties. The New York Times has even called the authority of New York cheese cakes. After that, the actual recipes for hunting have already begun and have been republished by many culinary and gourmet guides, but no one knows if one of the recipes is the hair in the hair exactly with the original.

Preparation 210 min.

Biscuits are crushed - most comfortable with a blender.

Mix the crumbs of the biscuit with butter, lay in the mold and bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

Mix flour and sugar, add cheese, blend with mixer for 3 min. (please follow the exact time!), add eggs, vanilla, sour cream, foam 3 min.

The mixture is covered with biscuit and butter base and baked for 45 - 55 min. approx. 180 - 190 C.

Place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, but best for the whole night. Cool cool with the fruits of your choice. And then - ENJOY!

NOTE: If you use 3 parts Philadelphia and 1 part Mascarpone, the cake will be lighter and lighter than just with Philadelphia. Only Mascarpone can not be used - the mass comes out too liquid and flows out of the mold.



A pack of 2 sachets of sandwiches

200 g of melted butter

For filling:

600 g Philadelphia cheese (3 sachets)

250 g Mascarpone Cheese (1 pack)

225 g of sugar

75 g of flour

2 eggs

300 ml of cream

1 eat. k. eats vanilla essences or 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

Fruit decoration optional

Enjoy your meal!