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Why there is no appetite and what to do to get it back?

Most people are more likely to suffer from too much appetite than they lose and yet this article discusses the main reasons why there is no appetite.

Lack of appetite can be caused by a variety of causes, from harmless to serious and dangerous. Listed below are some of the main causes of appetite deficiency.


Sometimes we do not even feel it ourselves, but the body feels that its forces are beginning to disappear and that it limits some of the functions that are not particularly necessary at this point, but are vigorously demanding, such as the functioning of the digestive system. The appetite will improve when the body regains strength.

Influenza and other similar infectious diseases in their sharpest phase

In principle, the appetite is lost for the same reasons as those already mentioned in the previous paragraph. The body is too focused on the fight against the virus, and it limits some of the functions that are not needed at this time in order not to waste the energy it needs. Appetite will return as soon as the infection is overcome.


Another reason why there is no appetite hiding in the climate and weather. Probably many people will have noticed that on a hot summer day their appetite is much smaller than in autumn or winter. This is because food is part of the human thermoregulatory system and in the cold winter we usually try to absorb more calories to turn them into heat. But in hot weather, no extra heat is needed and the need for food decreases.


For some people, stress is an appetite, but for others it is the opposite, and under the influence of stress they lose their appetite. We are each unique and stress and emotion also affect each other differently.

Psychiatric disorders

Unlike simply depressed mood, in the case of clinical depression, loss of appetite occurs almost always. This is due to the fact that the effect of metabolism is slowed down by depression.

Endocrine disorders

Appetite may also be reduced when thyroid function is impaired and produces less hormones than necessary. In such a situation, you should definitely contact your doctor.

Problems with the cardiovascular system

Loss of appetite may also indicate chronic heart failure. In this case too, you should go to the doctor.

Viral hepatitis and other liver damage

Liver is an important part of the digestive system, because it is the liver that feeds the blood through the nutrients. The liver processes it, cleanses it from toxins and then injects it into the common bloodstream. In the case of hepatitis and other liver damage, the liver is no longer able to cope with its responsibilities. To prevent the liver from being overloaded and given the chance to regenerate, the body reduces the development of hormones responsible for appetite suppression, resulting in reduced appetite.

Smoking and other reasons

Lack of appetite can also be caused by food poisoning, smoking, a reaction to a medication, the first trimester of pregnancy, gallstones, gastroenteritis, various immune disorders, Alzheimer's disease and many, many other reasons. Up to hidden oncology.

Why return your appetite?

For some people, it may seem that lack of appetite is more of a benefit than a loss because you no longer have to pay for diets or sports. However, do not hurry to rejoice. If the loss of appetite lasts longer than two weeks, it can lead to a lack of nutrients and a general weakening of the body.

Another consequence of the lack of appetite depends on the causes that cause it and can only be determined by a suitably qualified doctor.

What to do if there is no appetite

First of all, there is no need to panic, because, as we have already mentioned, the lack of appetite can also be caused by comparatively harmless reasons.

Try to reduce the pace of life, follow your sleep, learn to relax and pamper yourself. It is very likely that your lost appetite will soon return.

However, if the loss of appetite lasts two weeks or more and is accompanied by rapid weight loss, it is time to start worrying. You should definitely contact your doctor and do all the examinations and tests that you need. This will help you find the reasons for the loss of appetite and take health restoration measures.

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