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Hello my dear friens, welcome, to my blog, my life, my travel, my taste.

I start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful experiences!

Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens.

Tony Deliso

Keep Your best wishes and Your biggest goals close to Your heart and

dedicate time to them every day. If you truly care about what You do and You work diligently at it, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.

 Melchor Lim

All you need to make your life perfect is love, happiness and smile!

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Goji berries

Green coffee

Avocado oil

Walnut oil

Hazelnut oil

Coconut oil

Sesame oil

Macadamia nut oils

Black Cumin Oil

Cezar salad

Goulash Soup

Anerican pancakes


Garlic bread


Chees cake


Age-related changes

Nicotine addiction is a disease

Organize training

40-year mark

Keto diet

How to treat colds?

How to Get More Instagram Followers?

How to trade properly?

Double chin - is problem?

Why men love fools?

Weaken immunity

Lost appetite?

April 1 - Fun day

Jewelry Missmonbon

Paintings Ines Lark

VRP Horses

Vitamin C

Flat belly fix

Keto diet and product guide - A little history

Ketogenic diet was originally developed for patients with epilepsy. Hugh Conklin promoted the idea that epilepsy is caused by toxins in the body, and 18-25 days of water-fasting help to get rid of these toxins. This fasting has helped 90% of children and 50% of adults get rid of the symptoms of epilepsy.

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How to treat colds?

In fact, a typical common cold goes on within about one week. However, during this time a person feels bad and is worth trying to help the body. Here are also some suggestions that can help you cure colds faster.

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How to Get More Instagram Followers?

Choose the right publication time - It is not really right to insert a new photo and not think about its insertion time. Regularity of publications and the correct time of publications is important for successful Instagram account development. You may have to experiment to find the best time for the best publications.

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How to trade properly?

Perhaps you want to visit an eastern country or plan to buy a car, no matter what the cause, it is clear that trading skills can be useful in many situations. In this article, let's look at some of the techniques and tricks that will allow you to better master your trading skills.

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How to get rid of double chin?

Dubultzods ir šķietami nekaitīga, bet tomēr tik ļoti traucējoša un nepatīkama problēma, kas satrauc neskaitāmus cilvēkus visā pasaulē. Rakstā piedāvājam dažus padomus kā atbrīvoties no dubultzoda un padarīt savu ārieni pievilcīgāku.

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Juicing For Your Manhood

Attention: All men having troubles getting and maintaining full, throbbing erections…

Doctors Warn: If You’ve Ever Had Even ONE Issue With Getting Or Staying Hard…You Are At Risk Of LOSING YOUR PENIS. I’m sorry but you’re losing your penis and there’s really nothing I can do. That’s what my urologist told me while I was sitting on the exam table

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The main factors that weaken human immunity.

When a person is asleep, the part of the immune system that is responsible for training immunity is activated and while we are immune, the immune system learns to fight viruses and bacteria. In other words, if we sleep too little, the immune system is less effective than it might be. Depending on the individual characteristics of each person, in order to maintain a good immune function, one must sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours

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Why there is no appetite and what to do to get it back?

Most people are more likely to suffer from too much appetite than they lose and yet this article discusses the main reasons why there is no appetite.

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April 1 - Fun day!

It is believed that the Day of Fun on April 1 is related to the spring solstice celebrated around this time. The usual thing about these festivals was fun and fun. In addition, its climbers sought to capture with the joke the natural whims of the time.

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Jewelry Missmonbon

... at the moment I put a lot of emphasis on the tree for my bijoux, it removes fatigue, balances the internal flow of the body and eliminates the discord, and it looks so graceful in the fine silver frame I appreciate that I can carry small particles with me in the daily race and the chaos of the metropolis from nature.

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Paintings Ines Lark

The artist would like to immortalize her sensations, which just as the larks continue to fly from one emotion to the other: ‘Life gave me a coloured range of experiences through which I came back to painting’ from here comes the title of the exposition Moods.

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Are horses able to laugh at all? Yes, the feeling of joy for these animals is, but it gets more like playfulness. At the moment the animal picks up the tail and starts jumping, it means the horse is in an elevated mood.

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Vitamin C deficiency in the body, symptoms and best vitamin sources

Vitamin C is known to strengthen immunity by successfully preventing winter viruses, but studies have shown that it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, eye diseases, cell damage, and skin aging. Vitamin C also helps the body to absorb the necessary substances such as iron.

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Top 10 movies about horses

1. Seabiscuit (2003) Director: Gary Ross , Writers: Laura Hillenbrand (book), Gary Ross (screenplay) Stars: Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Elizabeth Banks.

A true story about the fate of a standard-sized racing horse during the Great Depression. The unexpected success of the Little Horse inspired not only racing players but the entire American nation.

Seabiscuit - Trailer

2. The Man from Snowy River (1982) Director:  George Miller, Writers:  A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson (poem), Cul Cullen (script) , Stars:  Kirk  Douglas, Tom Burlinson, Terence Donovan .

The film star Kerk Duglass plays two roles of twin brothers. The brothers have not met for years because of the dispute, but the ancient hatred is restored when one of them is blamed for losing an award-winning stallion.

The Man From Snowy River 1982 Trailer