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Keto diet and product guide - A little history

Ketogenic diet was originally developed for patients with epilepsy. Hugh Conklin promoted the idea that epilepsy is caused by toxins in the body, and 18-25 days of water-fasting help to get rid of these toxins. This fasting has helped 90% of children and 50% of adults get rid of the symptoms of epilepsy. It was later discovered that substances such as acetone, beta-hydroxybutarate and acetoacetate or ketones were developed during the fasting period. Russel Wilder of the Mayo Clinic named this ketogenic diet and was further used in the treatment of epilepsy (1921).

Later (around the sixties), it was discovered that more ketones are produced from Medium Chain Triglycerides-MCT, so more products supporting the state of ketosis have been introduced into the ketogenic diet to make the diet easier to put into practice.

This article discusses more about the products that you can and even prefer to include in your diet.

About keto diet

Ketogenic nutrition is a fat-rich diet, with about 75% of the calories consumed being consumed with fat, ~ 30% of protein and 5% of carbohydrates. This type of diet will cause the body to switch from the sugar (glucose) burning energy to the fat (ketone) burning mode. Why is it necessary?

Sugar is like a newspaper for fire, fat is a log. From this analogy it becomes quite clear that the block will burn longer, smoother, more thoroughly and will warm up more. Paper is not really effective for heating, nor for a long, even flame. By relying on sugar as a source of energy, this paper will have to be used frequently to keep the flame, or to gain energy - to eat all the time! You may have noticed that long distance meters will often provide carbohydrate-rich gels / snacks / drinks to keep energy out of the distance. You will not keep your paper warm for a long time! But maybe without it you can do it?

By eating fats in your diet and relying on them as a source of energy, the body's energy will be more stable and lasting, the brain will be clearer and the mind will be sharper, the mood will be better and smoother, the psychological luck after food and coffee will disappear in the afternoon, because there will simply be no need. And weight will also diminish if we realize that when the body consumes ketones (fat), the fat percentage in the body is automatically reduced.

 Although it has to be understood that the shift to the use of ketones for energy from sugar has to be abandoned almost entirely by leaving green vegetables, a few nuts, and some sour berries. No cereals, no legumes, not even sweet root vegetables, beets, carrots .. only when you follow this diet model precisely avoiding carbohydrates and using protein moderately, but fat on "urrā!" you will be able to achieve the body's ketosis and the promised benefits of this diet - weight loss, energy inflow, sharpness of mind, and so on.

Product Guide

At first, we will break through products that are not desirable in this diet:

all kinds of sweets - candies, chocolates, cakes, sugar, syrups, jams, honey, etc. sweeteners

any cereals and products thereof legumes fruits and berries root vegetables and other starchy vegetables (see below).

Allowed and preferred products

Fats: Butter, Gray butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, animal fat (duck, pig, etc.), fish oil, various seed and nut oil linseed oil, pumpkin seeds, almond, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil, etc.

It is important to always evaluate the quality of fat. It is preferable to choose grass-fed cow butter and animal fat, organic and authentic Extra Virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil from trusted companies, etc. Baking should be limited to animal fat, GI butter, coconut oil or good quality olive oil.

Proteins: bird meat (chicken, duck, turkey, etc.), cattle, lamb, pig, game, rural eggs, oily fish, seafood, protein powders (rice, hemp, pea).

It is advisable to choose the bitter pieces of meat because of the more fat and less protein. The quality of animal products should be carefully assessed, and it is advisable to choose organic, grass-fed, free-range animals.

Vegetables: Broccoli, cabbage, greens- dill, bows, various sprouts, parsley, kinza, spinach, salad (any), mangold, chicory, etc., cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, radish, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, cabbage, celery / root / stems, garlic, mushrooms, olives, pickled cabbage, green legumes.

Always choose clean, organic (or home-grown) vegetables and fruits, without pesticides and other unwanted chemicals. Emphasize green vegetables and salads. Avoid vegetables containing starch: potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, corn, pumpkins, beets, stalks, etc. root vegetables. Reduce the share of other sweet vegetables in the diet: carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions.

Dairy products: creamy cream, butter, whole milk curd, fat cream, high fat, naturally fermented dairy products (cow, goat, sheep).

It is advisable to choose a field (from cows grazing) dairy products that are not pasteurized, preferably naturally fermented, pure from preservatives. If dairy products cause discomfort and bloating or a feeling of heaviness, it is advisable to remove them from the diet.

Nuts and Seeds: Macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds and walnuts contain the least carbohydrates, so these are the most desirable ketogenic foods; Indian nuts, pistachios and chestnuts contain more carbohydrates, so it is advisable to be careful not to take them too much. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds should be used limited.

Nuts and seeds contain a large amount of carbohydrates, so if you have difficulty maintaining ketosis, limit them to your menu. Always read nut nutrition to remind you which nuts contain more fat!

Drinks: bone broth, coffee (decafinated will not cause such a high level of sugar fluctuations), herbal teas (without added sugar, of course!), Water, lemon and lime juice, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk.

Fruits and berries: sour berries (lingonberries, cranberries), other berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) in small quantities from time to time.

Others: black chocolate 85-100%, almond and coconut flour, gluten-free soy sauce.

By the way, if you are scared of calories and the belief that they contribute to obesity .. I suggest you study the evidence of ketogenic nutrition in real life with proven diet programs.

What's the Difference Between Success and Failure on the Keto Diet...

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A route to nature lovers for active recreation in the most magnificent Alps in Europe, which agrees that only mountains can be more beautiful than mountains! Bus by bus. Landscape resort of Bled emerald lake, surrounded by the picturesque Slovenian Alps. Day in Triglav National Park at Bohin Lake: walking in the mountains overlooking Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia's Julia Alps. Day in Carinthia Alpine Dobratsch Nature Park in Austria.

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Goulash Soup

Particularly good soup for the cold season of the year, warming and cuddling. People with reading goulash have a special relationship with them. There was a wonderful copy of the Hungarian family of emigrant families who followed their employers across the ocean, picking up some family gems.

And for the cooks and the dishes he cooked, this family was greatly envied by all the friends of the emigrants who were often asked for in the party, and after that they received bowls with the Szeged goulash in the village bribes.

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Another reason why there is no appetite hiding in the climate and weather. Probably many people will have noticed that on a hot summer day their appetite is much smaller than in autumn or winter.
This is because food is part of the human thermoregulatory system and in the cold winter we usually try to absorb more calories to turn them into heat. But in hot weather, no extra heat is needed and the need for food decreases.
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The Flat Belly Fix - Electronic Downloads and Bonuses


We, the inhabitants of the lowlands, may think that God's smoothly planned is corrupted. The Kalnians, including the Scandinavians, are absolutely sure that the earth is created as they see it. Rough, rough, with high peaks and deep valleys. Powerful and disobedient, stronger than human strength. The earth on the edge of the world, which at the top of every one cannot watch, can not descend, full of supernatural powers, beings and creatures.

Something is already there - big, mighty and dangerous; something is already happening there - gazes, braces, moves, changes. There are snow avalanches, ice crashes, wild water masses. In the evening, you go quietly to sleep at the foot of a hill, but at night the whirlwind breaks out, breaks Torso lightning, heaven opens, and huge waterblocks go over - destroying, breaking, destroying. There the heavenly king is fighting with the fallen. Scandinavian version - Odin with trolls war. Good with evil. And this fight is eternal - to Ragnarjok himself. Until what is called the goddess of gods, the age of the ax, sword, wind or wolf. When everything is destroyed, Ragnarjoks will join. Then the brother will fight with his brother, the son will kill his father, the mother will cut off his own children. When all laws and norms end. Land sinks into the sea. The sun will turn black, its bright rays will burn the earth. Flaming even the sea and the sky …

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