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Hello my dear friens, welcome, to my blog, my life, my travel, my taste.

I start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful experiences!

Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens.

Tony Deliso

Keep Your best wishes and Your biggest goals close to Your heart and

dedicate time to them every day. If you truly care about what You do and You work diligently at it, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.

 Melchor Lim

All you need to make your life perfect is love, happiness and smile!

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VRP Horses

Owner of VRP Horses is Vineta Plivna. Her life with horses started in year of 2000. Then she was 13 years old girl. After then she is being with horses almoust everyday. Vineta was working and training horses in large stable with many horses. Befoure 5 years she bought her first horse Alkatraza. Vinetas dream started to come true- her own horses and own stable. Now they have 7 horses.

Alkatraza found a new home in Finland,but Vineta has 5 horses at now,who will stay with her always,because they have found their uniq conection. These 5 horses are - 2 beautiful and supersweet mares,who brings foals,Dancing Girl and Simfony,two boys Samuraj and Matrozis,who are going in sport with Vineta or young riders,also working in VRP Horses with clients,and the fifth horse is Kompliments,he is only 1,5years old,very goodlooking,Vineta hopes in future he will be very good stallion and will produce good sporthorses. Other horses are for sale,Vineta is training and selling them.

Vineta also believes that there will be other horses who will live in their horse family.

Horses are very beautiful and graceful animals, so it's no wonder people are so in love with them. Horses have for centuries been close to people and have made history with them. But what do we know about them?

Horse laughter. Have you ever seen a horse lift the upper lip. Stretching neck and full word means smile? It is an unusual gesture - one of the most interesting people who can smile at all. But, it is not a smile, as many of us think, is a special way of smelling.

Scientists call this phenomenon Flemen's reaction. Horses lift their upper lip and reveal their teeth, not when they laugh, but when they need to be directed to the perfume, towards the special glands located at the end of the nasal canal. To make it easier to do this, the horse sees the lip and tilts the head. So, it means that when you approach an animal but it starts to laugh, it tries to understand how you smell.

Are horses able to laugh at all? Yes, the feeling of joy for these animals is, but it gets more like playfulness. At the moment the animal picks up the tail and starts jumping, it means the horse is in an elevated mood.

Horses - moons. Not only dogs, but also horses can be a companion. Yes, this very responsible role in America is performed by the smallest horses - falabells. Falabell is specially trained to perform a variety of teams, recognize signals and signs, not to be afraid of noise and crowds. In their duties, these horses perform special shoes to keep the public order out of horseshoes. These animals are allowed to travel in public transport, enter public establishments and shops.

Experience shows that these animals are able to bring a lot of joy to their hosts. They are often kept as pets. Unlike dogs, they do not have flea, they do not smell and live for about 35 years. Just like home dogs, falabellas do not smell the house, but go to the toilet, in a special place for this purpose. Such facts are rarely known to horses.

Horses - policemen. In almost every developed country, the police have a horse unit that helps keep the city in order and call it a horse police. The horse police are performing their duties in places where it is impossible to do so with the help of motorcycles and machines. For example, horse patrols always follow the order of parks, resting places and transported congested streets. The first horses - policemen appeared already in XVII. century, but the first horse unit was created in 1805. First it appeared in England, then the experience was taken over by the United States and then Australia.

But in this unit, no horse can get. For this purpose, the most bold and balanced animals are selected which are then specially trained. With these horses, indeed, without fear, you can go both in the fire and in the water.

Horses have a great sense of smell and memory. Have you heard stories about the fact that during the war the animals learned to find a home or a host who was in a very different place? There are many such cases known and therefore, it once again confirms that horses have good memory and good sense of smell. Animals see the night badly, but with the help of the smell, they can find their way home without problems. If a rider has come to an overgrown forest, the horse can calmly find its way home. Horses are very sensitive, so they are always able to feel a person's mood and feelings.

The fact that horses have a great memory shows a lot of facts. If you've ever done a horse or laughed at it, be prepared - it will revenge you. The horses remember very well those who have done it for him and at the first opportunity he will remind you. Do not expect the horse to forget something after a year, they can remember the offense, just like friendship, for a lifetime. The horses also remember well the activities, for example, they can memorize how to unpack or open the door.

Altai horses are representatives of one of the local breeds of the mountain type of the Altai Territory. Horse breeding in this area has become popular since the times of the ancient nomads and is still in demand. The nature of the Altai Territory contributes to the development of herd horse breeding. On taiga glades, on mountain meadows, in river valleys, there is enough pasture for horses at any time of the year. Altai horses are perfectly adapted to work in mountain conditions in a harness, under a pack and a saddle. Representatives of this breed are well tolerated pasture forage all year round.

A typical Altai horse has an average height at the withers, a long and deep body, a wide chest (chest girth is 1.7 meters), a powerful body, strong legs with strong hoofs. It is somewhat inconspicuous in appearance, with a medium-sized head and a fleshy neck, a broad and long croup, which is well developed and somewhat omitted. Altai horses are owners of a straight back and the same straight profile, with a convex, long loin, dry, short and correctly set legs. Altai horses have small brushes on their feet, and they are crowned with strong hoofs. Such hooves allow Altai breed horses to carry out transport work not savvy on mountain rocky roads. Representatives of this breed are decorated with thick withers, a mane and a tail.

In the fall and spring, Altai horses quickly get fat. Mares produce a large amount of milk - in the summer, from 8 to 10 liters per day. Because of this, they are often used in dairy farms.

Today, horses of the Altai breed are bred mainly in the outback of the southern part of the Altai Territory. In the central regions and the northern part, impurities of trot and Don rocks are more common. Grown under herd conditions, they gain weight from 450 to 490 kilograms and height from 1.45 to 1.5 meters.

Altai mares are often bred with heavy-duty trucks, with stallions being born that, in adulthood, reach a mass of between 500 and 550 kilograms. The main disadvantage of this horse is its short stature. The smallest individuals live in the east, in areas located on the border with Mongolia. However, typical representatives of the Altai breed, not crossed with any other breeds, live in the same area.

The best pastures are located there. But not only improved feeding conditions cause the size of horses in the area. Here the Altai horses were improved by crossing with a blacksmith, and in recent times - with numerous upper breeds.

One of the main advantages of the Altai horses is their endurance. They easily endure the conditions of the harsh winters of the Altai Territory and the content in the conditions of herd. Local collective farms are working to improve the breed through interbreeding and breeding "in themselves." In addition, special horse-breeding farms are currently being created, in which the best representatives of Altai mares and stallions are located.

Large tracts of natural pastures rich in vegetation provide an excellent opportunity to develop commercial horse breeding in the mountainous regions of Altai and produce horses for other regions. This is an additional incentive for improving the performance and growth of Altai horses.

The formation of the Altai breed lasted for many centuries under the influence of the natural conditions of taiga and the harsh continental climate. The remains of ancient horses, discovered by archaeologists in the Altai Territory, date from the IV-III centuries. BC. In ancient times, representatives of this breed had larger sizes than their modern descendants. Currently, the pure form of the breed is preserved only in the most remote mountainous areas.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries, the gradual improvement of the Altai breed began. Adaptation to the harsh mountain climate and year-round pasture, excellent health, remarkable strength, fitness to work under the saddle and harness, endurance, ease of management - all this was laid in the Altai horses for several centuries.

In addition, in the twentieth century, breeders began to work actively with this breed. Crossing with Arabian and English thoroughbred stallions gave more massive and large, but as unpretentious as Altai horses, stallions. A crossbreed with Soviet and Russian heavy horses was actively used for the production of milk and meat. In 2000, the so-called new Altai horse breed, the Chumysh, was obtained.

To date, purebred Altai horses are extremely few. They are kept in the Altai experimental farm, and it was extremely difficult to collect the remaining representatives of the breed - the Altai horses gradually mixed with other horses.

Adress:  Talsu nov., Balgales pag., Dursupe, "Dzintari" LV-3287, tel.29255167 Vineta Plivna  


Horse running on road v fast


10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In The World

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Wild Mustangs of Nevada

Top 10 movies about horses

1. Seabiscuit (2003) Director: Gary Ross , Writers: Laura Hillenbrand (book), Gary Ross (screenplay) Stars: Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Elizabeth Banks.

A true story about the fate of a standard-sized racing horse during the Great Depression. The unexpected success of the Little Horse inspired not only racing players but the entire American nation.

Seabiscuit - Trailer

2. The Man from Snowy River (1982) Director:  George Miller, Writers:  A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson (poem), Cul Cullen (script) , Stars:  Kirk  Douglas, Tom Burlinson, Terence Donovan .

The film star Kerk Duglass plays two roles of twin brothers. The brothers have not met for years because of the dispute, but the ancient hatred is restored when one of them is blamed for losing an award-winning stallion.

The Man From Snowy River 1982 Trailer

3. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991) Director:  Steve Miner, Writers:  Matt Williams, Oley Sassone, Stars:  Gabrielle Anwar, Michael Schoeffling, Cliff Robertson

A runaway teenager During the Great Depression, he is trained by the organizer of the riding tricks - his task is to jump on the pond in the back of the horse. During a performance, the rider loses sight and must learn to live again.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Trailer

4. Hidalgo (2004) Director:  Joe Johnston, Writer:  John Fusco, Stars:  Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Zuleikha Robinson

A film about the historic purebred Arab trotters race in the wilderness, which has traditionally participated only in Arabs. In 1890, they were invited to the first American to prove that cowboys can compete with the best desert riders.

Hidalgo trailer

5. Dreamer (1995) Ben Crein (Curt Russell) believes that a heavily injured racing horse should be given another chance. He "adopts" the horse with his daughter, which in turn helps the family to reconnect with their horses.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - Injured Horse Scene

6. Dark Horse (1992)    Director:  David Hemmings, Writers:  Tab Hunter (story), Janet MacLean (screenplay) (as J.E. MacLean), Stars:  Ed Begley Jr., Mimi Rogers, Ari Meyers

A story about a teenager who dies with a bad company after his mother's death and is sentenced to public works at a local desk. The girl loves animals, and life seems to pass through until she and her beloved horse suffer in a car crash. Following her wheelchair, the girl must learn to live again, and the horse turns out to be an invaluable friend and helper.

Dark Horse Trailer 1992

7. Something to Talk About (1995) Director: Lasse Hallström (as Lasse Hallstrom) Writer: Callie Khouri Writer:Callie KhouriStars: Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid, Robert DuvallHorse Farmer's daughter, Gary (Julie Roberts)

Reveals that her husband, Eddie (Denis Kuods), cheats her with another woman. Although the film is not just about horses, animals play an important role in their owners' life stories.

Something To Talk About Trailer 1995

8. National Velvet (1944) Director: Clarence Brown,  Writers:  Enid Bagnold (novel), Theodore Reeves (screen play) Stars: Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Crisp
The ex-jockey, tired of life, helps a young girl prepare a wild but gifted horse to participate in the English national trotting race. The main roles are cinema wonders Mickey Brown and then 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor.

National Velvet (1944) Original Color Trailer

9. Black Beauty (1994)  Director:  Caroline Thompson Writers:  Anna Sewell (novel), Caroline Thompson (screenplay) Stars: Sean Dean, David Thewlis

One of the few films made from the horse's "point of view" - the animal reveals its harsh adventures from happy childhood to the hands of many cruel owners.

Black Beauty (1994) Official Trailer - Sean Bean, Jim Carter Horse Movie

10. Phar Lap (1983) Director: Simon Wincer, Writer:  David Williamson, Stars: Tom Burlinson, Judy Morris, Richard Morgan

A true story of an Australian racing horse, becoming a champion with a stab boy who, despite the modest performance at first, is firmly convinced of the horse's success.

Phar Lap - Australian wonder horse - extended trailer

unsplash-logoKailen Gingell
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Do you speak in horse language?
Whispering, ear piercing, tailbathing - every horse knows these signs and thinks they understand it correctly. However, recent research shows that horse communication is much more versatile.
When getting acquainted with a horse, does it make sense to breathe into a nostril or better mark a beast leader right away? Does a horse mean a member of a flock or just a feeder? Let's find out in this series of articles what myths dominate people's thinking about how horses communicate.
The car door is locked, hurried steps go to the stables - one of the 20 horses turns towards the door, pinches the ears and starts to bubble. Has communication between the horse and man already begun before it even comes to the gaze exchange?
The decisive factor in determining a horse's attitude to a person as a contact partner is how the mare reacted to the person while the particular horse was still in the age of a foal. If a horse expects a person willingly, it can be assumed that he does not see any danger in him. “Home horses expect in principle food from a person and perceive him as a contact person. Wild horses have no great interest in humans, so they do not seek contact with him.
As specific horses perceive a person, the professor is reluctant to concretize it. Whether a horse is perceived by a horse in the same way as another horse or simply a member of a social group, one thing is clear that horses are guided by their behavior. Research has found that if one horse's contact person looks in the same direction, the horse also starts watching.
Regardless of how the horses perceive the human being, they have a clear hierarchical relationship, and it is in these sort of orderly relationships that the horses feel the best. One should take the dominant part in the social couple "man-horse", but at the same time do not push the horse all the time. “The horse needs to know what is allowed and what is not. If a person is consistent in his actions, then it is easy for the horse to learn these rules and accept the limits ”.
Like alien people unconsciously follow a known distance from each other, so every horse has its own private comfort zone, i. "Individual distance" where it does not suffer any other species brother. For each horse, this space is different and depends on the temperament and experience that the horse has accumulated during his lifetime. Roughly, it corresponds to the length of one horse's body, about as much as the horse needs to snatch another. Many riders do not realize that they do not respect this area as people approach the horse. Fortunately for many horses, this does not pose a problem: "Twined horses often break each other's individual distances and also interact with the bodies", explains Professor Changhu. One example of this is insulting - it is a sign of friendship, and horses from different hierarchical positions tend to look at each other.
Also during feeding, the horses calmly allow a person to approach them for two reasons: firstly, in communication with people, horses have learned that a person does not claim to feed them. “Man must be able to take the horse away from the feed trough. If the horse does not tolerate, it means that he treats the man relative to him, ”the professor explains. The second reason why horses do not react aggressively when a person approaches their feed is in the form of a horse feed. In the wild, horses feed continuously, and if a higher horse in the hierarchy feeds them from the feed, the horses can go to find another feed. Therefore, from the point of view of evolution, the horses are simply not worthy of food.
Problems arise when a person gives up his "distance" to a horse. “When I was in contact with other horses, I always followed at least a meter distance. The horse must follow such a distance for safety reasons, otherwise it may pose a danger to the person. If a horse begins to push and rest on a person, it is necessary to quickly “clarify” the relationship and strengthen its leadership. We do not support the idea that a person should take on the role of a leading mare. "It is often claimed that the wild barn is guarded by a stallion, and the main mare controls the movement of the beast. But in groups there is actually no single leading mare. Also, in the hierarchy, lower mares sometimes take the lead, though not as often as in the hierarchy.
If two horses meet for the first time, the highest horse in the hierarchy calls for contact. The ears are pinched, the throat stretched, and the gaze is alert. Both horses stand against each other with their nose and alternately blow their breath into the dilated nostrils of the other. Some riders try to mimic the behavior of these horses as a greeting ritual. "According to my observations, horses perceive this gesture as unpleasant," the professor says. The question arises whether a horse really perceives such behavior as a friendly gesture. In any case, with such action, a person will not be able to take a higher hierarchical position as a horse.

In the wild, the everyday life of horses is quite simple - to eat, relax, flee if something threatens. Do you still need emotions there and how are they revealed in the horse bar?
People have a wide repertoire of emotions and their expressions - laughing, crying, shouting, etc. How are horses? "Reading the horses' emotions is much more difficult than other animals, but they show their feelings," the professor says. Horse mimicry and gesturing are very versatile, for example, studies have shown that horses also suffer from depression, as well as being able to build lasting friendships with certain members of the flock. If the "best" friend is away, the horses tend to be sad. Emotions are important for building stable social bonds, and positive emotions are not expressed as harsh as negative. Professor Kruger believes that this is due to the fact that negative emotions are more vital to life, while the positive do not play such a role. "To make friendship, horses need more time, so the signals are much finer".
People mostly perceive each other's emotions visually. “A person can only sense and notice a small part of what a horse can capture. The question that arises here is whether we have really explored the mechanisms of animal perception so well, ”its professor. Horses determine the emotional state of the species brothers using not only vision but also touch and smell, and the optical perception of horses is not as important as humans. Equally, horses feel magnetic fields, although this phenomenon is not yet well explored.
Another phenomenon of communication in the flock is i.e. "Copying" Communication - If one horse starts to gobble, then there is no time left for other horses to follow his example. This behavior synchronizes the bar, which is very important in dangerous situations. The escape instinct is shifted faster from one bar member to another without passing any horse.

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